pepper - big black cat

Pepper looking all shiny

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Pepper, the big black rescue cat with Diabetes, who spent the last two years with us.

He'd been doing so well with his insulin, down to once every 3 days, but the many years of illness finally took their toll and he died suddenly, but peacefully of heart failure.

Thanks for all the fun over the past couple of years - Jessie and the whole neighbouthood will miss you.



jessie - office cat

Jessie in Mr Hall's bush!

Visitors to our studio will no doubt recognise Jessie, the office cat!

She's actually one of our neighbours' cat but seems to have adopted us - I think she likes the company during the day - so we've been helping out with vet bills etc.

Jessie helping out as usual!

She's had a bit of a rotten time of it lately what with her microchip (that was a BIG needle), extremely high fever (diagnosed as a liver infection) and consequent blood tests (she put up a bit of a fight over that one - Marie Clare's scars have just about healed) but, fingers crossed, everything seems to have settled down now.

So, the next time you're round give her a cuddle - she could do with it!


balloon race


Seven days and over two thousand internet miles later our balloon finally came to rest in the world's first internet balloon race (somewhere over the Black Sea).

Thanks to all our friends who boosted us up to 735th, and if you've no idea what we're on about - it was another promotional thingy from London agency POKE.


1and1 goes green

green hosting

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1&1 now uses wind, water and solar power in accordance with the Renewable Energy Certification System (RECS). The use of renewable energy technologies reduces hazardous greenhouse gas emissions compared with conventional power plants.

By hosting your site with 1&1, you choose an environmentally sound and sustainable future and directly support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that come from conventional power plants. for more info.